October 23, 2022

8:15 AM - Registration and Light Breakfast

9:00 AM




Engaging in Aging

Michal Halperin-Ben Zvi, Psychology of Aging (PhD.)

The talk will expose the world of digital space design for the adult population. The talk will focus on older adults’ characterization, challenges, and solutions in the digital space. The lecture is based on professional and academic literature, accumulated field experience, original field research, and the latest regulations. It will provide an introduction to fitting websites and app to older adults’ needs and abilities. It includes:

10:35 AM - Let's have coffee (30 Minutes)




Little Words, Big Ideas: Microcopy for Complex Products

Yael Ben-David, UX Writer, Fundbox

We will dive into the unique challenges of writing for complex products, how to overcome them, and how to apply those tools to all products to improve the user experience…

12:15 AM - Are you hungry? (60 Minutes)

Game Design Thinking: The Play Centric Approach to UX

Dori Adar, Creative Director, Founder of Hands on Games

In this highly interactive talk, the participants will learn how to create a ?playable blueprint? of any product. Then, shuffle its ingredients into a set of engaging features that will move users to action…

No Writer? No Problem! UX Writing in a Pinch

Yossi Nachemi, UX Writer at Google/Waze

“I don’t understand what this says…”

Whether you work at a small, scrappy startup or a large multinational corporation, those words can strike fear into anyone’s heart. But have no fear!

In this presentation, Yossi Nachemi will walk you through tricks of the trade. By the end you’ll know where to get inspiration, learn about useful tools, and how to choose the right words. Think of it as a first aid course for writing.

Designing your Design Process

Collin Whitehead, Head of Brand, Dropbox

You will learn how your team can become more proactive, more strategic and better able to anticipate the changes that are part of every business…

2:40 PM - Would you like some dessert? (30 Minutes)




Fixing Frustrating Design Patterns in 2022

Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-chief, Smashing Magazine

We’ll take a closer look at some frustrating design patterns and explore better alternatives, with real-life case study examples. You’ll walk away with a packed toolbox of techniques that you’ll be able to apply to your projects right away.

17:00 PM - Ends. (Are you coming to the after party?)

After Party 2020

19:00 -? Tel Aviv

Meet us after UX Salon 2020 for an evening of design and UX lectures, networking and drinks. Exclusive early sign up for UX Salon attendees.

October 24 - Workshops

3 workshop tracks for you choose from: Interface Design, UX Writing, UX Research

October 25 - Jerusalem Tour Guide

Coming from abroad? Join us for a tour of Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world.