October 24, 2022 Tel-Aviv
Designing For Complex UX-UI Workshop
Full Day Workshop (9 AM - 5 PM) - Doors open at 8:30

Complex UI doesn’t have to be complicated. Join us for a workshop that goes deep into dissecting how to solve complex design problems. Whether you’re working on a mobile UI or creating enterprise grade dashboards, this Workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to excel at your work.

This Full-Day workshop with Vitaly Friedman, UX consultant and creative lead behind Smashing Magazine, we’ll explore 100s of practical examples of intricate tables, filtering, search, navigation and forms, with focus on common pain points, slowdowns, and solutions for designing complex UIs.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Complex mega-dropdowns with 4+ levels of navigation, and how to deal with them on mobile and on desktop (e.g. large university websites),
  • Complex modals, overlays, “Undo” behavior, with guidelines and best practices to improve click-through rates and decrease mistakes (e.g. enterprise software),
  • Complex multi-page forms, focusing on form components, structure, layout, error recovery and interaction design, featuring input buffering, error messages blindness, fear of the “Back” and “Refresh” buttons, fake input and disposable emails (e.g. complex multi-column multi-page forms with dozens of steps),
  • Enterprise tables, with detailed studies of complex use-cases, inline editing, filtering, tagging and sorting — on mobile and on desktop (insurance and loss prevention),
  • Complex filtering, the layout, auto-apply vs. manual apply, filtering overlays, filtering and sorting intervals, best practices and guidelines, on mobile and on desktop (public archives, media library, large catalogs of products),
  • Advanced autocomplete UX, with the layout, interaction design, search query iteration patterns, autocomplete blindness, faceted search, smart suggestions, type-ahead pattern, recommendations, keyboard navigation, on mobile and on desktop,
  • Enterprise maps, with the focus on maps that require filtering, navigation and want to support explotation — with examples of shopping mall maps, real estate property maps, theatres, stadiums and Formula 1 event,
  • Infinite scroll, with patterns for exploring data quickly, “load more” and pagination, combinations of these options, and fixing common problems such as access to footer and access to the current state,
  • Authentication UX, and design considerations for login/password input, password recovery, social sign in, 2-factor-auth, biometric input.
  • Privacy UX, and how to gather accurate data while avoiding legal battles and respecting user’s data,
  • 100s of real-life examples, government and university websites, trip planners, financial services, eCommerce, online banking, configurators, insurance and mortgage calculators, data grids and enterprise products.
  • Checklist for complex UIs with guidelines and decisions to consider when designing any component in a complex setting.