Psychology of Aging (PhD.)

Michal Halperin-Ben Zvi

Dr. Michal Halperin Ben Zvi is a Design Strategist and UX Researcher. She combines technology and her expertise in the psychology of aging to create digital solutions that meet the 65+ needs, abilities, and desires. She led, on behalf of JDC and Digital Israel, the research and writing of the national project to formulate guiding principles and standards for inclusive digital services to the aging population. She helps improve digital strategy and supports product development through research and a deep understanding of older users’ behavior.

UX Salon Talk

Engaging in Aging

Increasing the engagement of 65+ segments in the digital world

The talk will expose the world of digital space design for the adult population. The talk will focus on older adults’ characterization, challenges, and solutions in the digital space. The lecture is based on professional and academic literature, accumulated field experience, original field research, and the latest regulations. It will provide an introduction to fitting websites and app to older adults’ needs and abilities. It includes:

  • Spotlight on the elements that need attention when considering UI, UX, and CX in older adults.
  • The guidelines for age-friendly adjustment and a deep understanding of the logic behind them will be demonstrated by a range of web and app elements that fail to work among older users and possible improvements.
  • Importance of Third-age users centric approach – involvement of older adults from the research phase through the design and development process to find creative ways to overcome digital obstacles.