CEO & Creative Director, Contrast

Sagi Shrieber

Sagi is a father and entrepreneur, CEO & Creative Director of Contrast – UI/UX Design Agency, and founder of Pixel Perfect Magazine where he teaches UI/UX in online and offline trainings.
Sagi has worked with startups in the past 12 years, starting from being the first designer of Fiverr, co-founding his own startup which got acquired by Similarweb, and then scaling the design team as Director of Design at Similarweb.
In the past 5 years Sagi has been writing and improving on the methodologies that he implied in these fast scaling startups and applying it on his many startup clients at Contrast UX.

UX Salon Talk

Design Triggers: The Psychology-Based UI Design Tactics to Boost Engagement & Perception

Ever wondered what makes Apple, Airbnb and other successful products THAT emotionally appealing? Well, that’s exactly what Sagi has researched in the past 5 years and is now made into a methodology that he implies to startups he works with. In this talk, Sagi will share the psychological approach to design and how – with very simple tweaks – you can boost engagement, retention, brand awareness, and the emotional stickiness in your product!