Product Designer, Wix

Shoval Zohar

Shoval is a product designer based in Tel Aviv and currently working at Wix.com, where she is designing for developer experience (DX). As a self-taught UX designer and UX developer, she has spent the last ten years gaining experience working on different domains at various companies such as Microsoft and CA Technologies. Shoval has an interdisciplinary and international background. Before delving into UX, she studied Film & Animation and Art in Israel, Europe and the US, and even had her artwork exhibited at the MoMa in San Francisco.

UX Salon Talk

Designing For Complex Systems: How To Find Your Way

The ability to navigate a complex system is a key component of our everyday lives. Even though complex systems are everywhere, there’s a common misconception that designers must specialize in a specific domain to work with them. Zohar Shoval, a Product Designer at Wix, will show the opposite to be true.

In her first job as a designer, Shoval Zohar worked with a complex system without any formal design training. Her lack of experience often led to imposter’s syndrome as she was required to get up to speed very quickly.

Through this talk, Shoval will show how to leverage the imposter’s syndrome to your advantage, proving that it can be a great tool through which to learn about complex systems in any domain.