Executive Editorial Director, Dropbox

Tiffani Jones Brown

Tiffani Jones Brown is a the host of the Remotely Curious podcast, and executive editorial director at Dropbox. Before Dropbox she was the founding writer and creative director at Pinterest, and one of the first content strategists at Facebook, where she defined the company’s brand voice. Before she got into tech, she and her husband ran a design studio called Things That Are Brown. She has a Masters in Divinity from the University of Chicago.

UX Salon Talk

Designing New Projects—Remotely

When the world went remote, Dropbox, like everyone else, had to shift our way of working on a dime. Through experimentation and on-the-fly learning, we’ve figured out some tools and tricks to make creative work more doable when your team is distributed.

Join executive editorial director and Remotely Curious podcast host Tiffani Jones Brown as she walks you through the ins and outs of shipping a big, collaborative project—whether you’re hybrid, remote, or as we call it, “Virtual First.”